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Tornado Reunion.jpg
A photo of the Hmong Men's Soccer team Tornado at a reunion party

Tornado Kit.jpg
A photo of a Tornado jersey on a hangar


This is an article announcing a match between the Mexico Soccer Club and Lobos of San Jose at McLane High Stadium.

Photograph featuring Claremont Graduate Students.

Femi Olukanni, the family man. Though he’s mostly retired from playing, Femi has since earned a masters and a doctoral degree in the field of education, while also becoming a very successful soccer coach.

Team photo of Apache soccer team, donated by Melvin Williams

IMAG0048 (2).JPG
Team photo of Hoover United Boys, Under 14. Donate by Melvin Williams

IMAG0047 (2).JPG
1977-78 team photo of Cherokee soccer team, which Melvin Williams played on.

Match program for game between New Mexico Chiles and Real Santa Barbara at La Playa Stadium in Santa Barbara. Donate by Melvin Williams who played for New Mexico Chiles.

Melvin Williams..mp3

Tornado OGs.jpg
A photo of several Tornado OGs. Standing left: Blong Vang; Sitting left: Toui; sunglasses: Xia Moua; Middle with visor: Yee "Fat" Thao; Back right: Kennedy Yang; Front right: Norack Thao.

Tornado Lor brothers.jpg
A photo of Fuechi Lor (right) and Kiabtoom Lor (left) as J4 champions in Minnesota 2013

Tornado 2007.jpg
A photo of Tornado Hmong soccer team from Fresno, CA in 2007

OG Tornado 2013 J4 champs.jpg
The 40+ Tornado team posing at J4 as tournament champions in 2013. Top row, second from left: Yee Vue.

New Tornado.jpg
A photo of the newest and youngest members of Tornado soccer team in Fresno. Top row far left: Kennedy Yang; Top row second from the right: Fuechi Lor.

Fuechi Lor with Majiks.jpg
A photo of Fuechi Lor posing in Majiks kit at J4 tournament in Minnesota

Sr. Carlos Guiterrez Oral History.copy..mp3
La historia del Sr. Carlos Gutiérrez es explicada en una entrevista de historia oral de sus experiencias siendo entrenador de futbol en el Valle Central. Desde su infancia en Michoacán, México le gustaba el futbol. Llego a los Estados Unidos y empezó…

Soccer statistics for Femi Olukanni during his time at Fresno State University. Femi played for Fresno State for two years, he was a well-known player who helped Fresno state win many games against some fierce opponents such as UCLA and USF. The…

Femi Olukanni pictured here in FSU soccer uniform, presented as player of the year candidate. He was a great player in his short time at Fresno, bringing the program many wins. He was honored with many articles and some awards, and was seen as a…

Flyer promoting community archiving and digitization event in Visalia, California.

Flyer promoting community archiving and digitization event in Fresno, California.

Femi Olukanni is seen posing here with coach El Gorriaga and the rest of the Fresno State mens soccer team.
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